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Wedding ring:

Gold of 9 kts. - Gold of 18 kts.?

If you are choosing your alliances you will be assaulted by the doubt:

  • • Do I buy my 9 or 18 carat wedding rings?
  • • Why will I pay almost twice if they look the same?
  • • Is it worth it?
  • • Will there be any difference?

Yes, there are differences, and here we explain them to you so that you have all the information before making your choice.

Gold of 1st Law 18 carats (750 thousandths)

This alloy is the one that has a higher content of pure Gold in the total weight of the Jewel regardless of the chosen color (Yellow, White or Pink). It is the highest quality gold that is marketed, the high jewelry and the most exclusive pieces are made with this metal.

This gold maintains its appearance, color and properties unchanged over time. Here we can apply the slogan "Jewels for life", for this reason we can offer a Unlimited Warranty against any manufacturing defect, in Duoo alliances made in 18 carat gold, you will be able to identify the alliances made in this metal, by the guarantee mark that they have engraved inside .

Gold of 9 carats (375 thousandths)

The alliances made in Gold of 9 kts. they are not distinguishable at first sight from those of 18 kts., since the productive process and the rigorous quality controls to which they are subjected are the same, they can only be distinguished by the official guarantee contrast engraved inside them. But that initial appearance may not last forever, in some cases the alliances made with Gold of 9 kts. tend to change appearance and color over time, this does not depend on the manufacturer, but the metallurgical properties that this type of Gold has.

The reason is that the content of pure gold in the weight Total of the Jewel, is half that made in Gold of 18 kts., the rest is composed of other metals, Silver, Copper, etc ..., which may suffer a small oxidation, depending on the use and external factors (Sweat, humidity, etc ...), darkening and changing the original aspect of your alliance.

This does not have to be a problem since it is only a superficial oxidation of the metal, it can always be restored. If this happened you just have to go with your alliances to any Duoo distributor to send them to the factory and we will recover the color, shine and luster they had on the first day.

The brand they have engraved inside the alliances of 9 kts. en .

(Alliances of 9 kts. have a period of 1 year warranty, the restoration work during this period will be covered by the guarantee, after that time, if there is work to be done, a small cost will be applied, which in any case will not be very high.)

For more detailed technical information, see the "product guide" section "gold" that appears in the header of the Web page.